Time has flown by since our last update and we have been keeping busy engineering new products and gearing up for the busy summer driving months. Perhaps our biggest news is the release of the our Brain Flash for the EVO X using our new FlashWORKS system. Giving significant gains over stock the flash was developed completely in-house in record time making us the first and only U.S. company to offer such flashing technology. In addition we have also developed a flash for the Lancer which has shown some impressive gains in power. We are extremely excited about both of these flashes and quite proud of our engineering department for succeeding in this remarkably challenging task. We hope some of you have a chance to experience the new Brain Flash for yourself.

     Thanks to all of our loyal customers for being patient while we developed these flashes. Apparently, it was well worth the wait.

If anyone needs proof of the reliability of the WORKS TR-340 package look no further than Dan Sullivan’s 2003 EVO VIII. Dan is serious about track days. In fact he has logged over 100,000 hard miles and most of those have been on race tracks across the whole country. A very experienced driver and a regular instructor, Dan has really put his EVO through

the ringer and it has held up flawlessly as one of the oldest WORKS TR-340 packages since 2004 with no custom tuning. With numerous other WORKS modifications including a full WORKS/Ohlins suspension and big brake upgrade now adorning his EVO, Dan can focus on driving without having to worry about the cars overall ability and durability on track. With over 70 track days under his belt, Dan’s enthusiasm for motorsports is obvious and we love when he drops by Infineon to tell us about his latest track adventures. Big thanks go out to Dan Sullivan for being such a great customer and true enthusiast. We look forward to another 100K but now he's talking about running a WORKS Stroker.

Summer 2008

TR-340 Goes The Distance

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August 2008

Summer Issue

Table of Contents

High Mileage TR340, still going strong

Motoring J Style

WORKS gets Smarter—SMART car meet and new Smarter products



EVO X Flash-WORKS becomes the first US tuner to crack the EVO X and Lancer ECU

EVO X Console Bushings

Light Weight Lug Nuts

Summer Sale is on. Get it while its hot!




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“While many think the Smart Car is simply an econobox, there is a growing group of dedicated enthusiasts that believe  Smarts can be both economical and sporty.”



Motoring J Style

Smart Car Meet

Smarter by WORKS

Motoring J Style


intake, a high flow axle back muffler and upgraded Stainless Steel Brake Lines. All products are built to the same level of quality and engineering that has made WORKS the industry leader in Mitsubish performance. Smart and sporty the Smarter products from WORKS can transform your Smart Fortwo.

WORKS is pleased to announce the debut of a new product line, Smarter, for the Mitsubishi powered Smart Fortwo. This new lineup is designed to give the lightweight city car some added performance for enthusiasts who want both economy and fun. The Smarter lineup will include performance lowering springs, an uprated front sway bar, an

sporty. If you needed further proof of this cult car’s following you simply needed to drive up to Infineon Raceway to check out the 30 plus Smart Fortwos that showed up at the WORKS facility in Sonoma, CA. Smart owners were able to check out new performance products, try their luck on a

WORKS designed autocross course and enjoy the sun and sights at a great motorsports facility. Many attendees took the time to walk under a Smart Fortwo while up on a lift to see what really makes the little vehicle work. With such a strong turnout it is clear Smart car owners share our passion for sporty cars.

On Saturday June 28th, in addition to the NASA track event that was going on, WORKS played host to a massive gathering of performance minded Smart car owners. While many think the Smart Car is simply an econobox, there is a growing group of dedicated enthusiasts that believe Smarts can be both economical and

Motoring J Style is a unique car show catering to vintage and modern Japanese cars of all makes and models. WORKS attended the show for a second year in a row stocking our booth with our new EVO X and two of our old favorites, the WORKS 2005 EVO VIII RS Time Attack car and the EVO 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition. One reason we love this show is all of the odd ball old Japanese cars that show up; everything from a full carbon fiber bodied Hayabusa powered Honda N600 to the all new Nissan GT-R. Despite some bad weather, the mostly outdoor show was well attended and the rain didn’t keep the drifters from putting on a great show. There was also an amazing talk by motorsports legend and BRE founder Peter Brock. Big thanks to David Swig putting on another great event and inviting us back. This is truly one of our favorite shows every year and we look forward to returning for 2009.

New Products

WORKS EVO X P2 Brain Flash w/FlashWORKS

WORKS is the pioneer and leader in EVO ECU flashing technology. WORKS is the first and only U.S. company to develop software and hardware to reflash the 2008 Mitsubishi ECUs. Our Engineers have been disassembling US-Spec EVO VIII code since April '03 and have software control unparalleled in the industry. Nothing comes close to the plug-and-play performance and reliability of the WORKS Brain Flash series. The new CAN based FlashWORKS system was developed in-house by WORKS' Evolving Technologies group and provides full control of every parameter in the ECU to provide you the safest and best performing flash.  


WORKS Light Weight lug nuts

Tired of your lightweight lug nuts binding and galling under normal use. WORKS has introduced our signature line of racing-inspired Lug Nuts. Over the years we've enjoyed the lightweight aspect of several available options, but have been turned off by those that don't hold up in the long run and require special tools that also fail to hold up to repeated use.

WORKS Lug Nuts are constructed of durable 7075 Aluminum that will not gall or bind like other ultra light material most lug nuts are made with. They then go through a Type III hard anodization process, which gives them their beautiful satin black finish. The thread fits any 12mm x 1.5mm application using a rim with a 60 deg. tapered seat (i.e. AME and most other aftermarket wheels) and are open-ended for those wishing to use longer racing wheel studs. Hex is 19mm.

WORKS Lancer P1 Brain Flash

Similar to the EVO X Brain Flash, the Lancer ES, LS, and GTS WORKS P1 flash was developed completely in-house making WORKS the first US tuner to achieve such an accomplishment. Showing broad gains in both torque and horsepower throughout the entire power band the P1 flash adds both power and economy to Mitsubishi’s sporty sedan.

Another new product for the EVO X and Lancer, WORKS console bushings are designed to replace the original rubber units to give a more direct feel between shifts. The WORKS polyurethane Shifter Console Bushings significantly increase the stiffness between the plastic shifter cage and the steel chassis while maintaining just enough “give” to prevent the cage from fatiguing and breaking.  Each kit includes 8 pieces (2 per corner) with simple installation instructions and is backed by the WORKS Factory-Matched Warranty.

WORKSConsole Bushings

In order to help you get your car back on the road for summer time fun WORKS will be offering 10% off all of WORKS brand products that are currently in stock for the entire month of August. This sale does not apply to web specials that already have a reduced price.



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At WORKS we strive to provide innovative new products and top of the line service to the entire motorsports community. We owe much of our success to the loyal customers who continue to support WORKS in all that we do. Thank you for your loyalty.



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Lancer SS-1 Suspension package 620.110


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The first step in getting your Lancer to go beyond "good" handling. This package features WORKS Ride Springs, WORKS Adjustable Rear Sway Bar and alignment recommendations. Without sacrificing ride comfort the SS-1 package will reduce your cars center of gravity and get rid of unwanted body roll to give your Lancer true sport sedan handling. The lower ride height also gives the car a much more aggressive look.































































































WORKS Newsletter - Summer 2008