WORKS Winter Newsletter 2007

The weather here in northern California has changed and so has WORKS with some major developments since the summer. With our Grand Opening at Infineon Raceway, a brand new Time Attack race car and the announcement of our racing partnership with Mitsubishi Motors North America we have been extremely busy working on these exciting projects.  With the EVO X lingering on the horizon we are gearing up for new product development and we look forward to bringing you the finest products and service from both our locations. Hope you all enjoy this update.


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WORKS Announces Partnership with Mitsubishi Motors North America to Campaign the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer in the SPEED World Challenge Series for 2008

Finally the secret is out!

On November 15th, 2007 WORKS officially announced that we will be partnering up with Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) to go racing in the Speed World Challenge Series for 2008. We pulled the curtains off of the new WORKS built SPEED World Challenge (SWC) Lancer at the Los Angeles Auto Show and received some great feedback on our newest racing creation.

The WORKS SWC Lancer already boasts an impressive build list including front and rear WORKS/Öhlins coilovers, WORKS two-piece rotors featuring Brembo aluminum calipers, a WORKS racing clutch with ‘Spin’ flywheel, and a fully built and balanced Mitsubishi four cylinder engine.  Inside the car there is a WORKS ‘Throw’ short shifter with ‘Grab’ shift knob, WORKS carbon fiber panels, a single Recaro Pro Racer seat, Tilton pedal assembly, and a custom roll cage.  Pending final homologation, the SWC Lancer will receive a few more racing and performance parts from WORKS and our partners before heading to tracks across the US and Canada.

With significant research and development time already invested into the project, the WORKS SWC Lancer will continue development through the off-season with the goal of running a full racing schedule for the 2008 calendar year.  We are extremely excited to have two-time (2005 and 2006) United States Touring Car champion David Brown spearheading the driving effort for 2008. Getting involved in professional racing with the manufacturer whose vehicles inspired WORKS to start in the first place is a dream come true for all of us. We are looking forward to a challenging and successful year in the Speed World Challenge.

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Read more on the WORKS Speed World Challenge Lancer HERE


WORKS Grand Opening at Infineon Raceway:

After months of hard work and preparation, we unveiled our new headquarters at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA on October 27th 2007.


The new facility will act as our the main hub serving as a full function shop, a research and design center, and a proving ground for all new WORKS products. With 6000 square feet of floor space, the shop will also house the main engineering offices and be the home base for all WORKS Motorsports racing activities. The new trackside headquarters also adds versatility to the company. With the new capabilities of the Infineon Raceway headquarters WORKS can tackle any job from a simple service to a ground-up race car build.


Thanks in large part to our loyal customers our Grand Opening was a huge success. Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) co-sponsored the event and brought along some amazing vehicles including the famous Lancer WRC05 campaigned by Gigi Galli. We also raffled off rides with hot shoe professional driver Dave Brown. Everyone had a great time and we greatly appreciate the support of all who attended.



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Please see the Grand Opening Gallery Here

Hopefully we can have another Open House in the spring.

Major Events

WORKS admires new autos at the Los Angeles International Auto Show 

The 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show keeps getting better and better. After attending more than fifteen times, it is apparent that manufacturers are putting more into their displays each year versus other cities as Los Angeles becomes the mecca for automobiles in the U.S.

Highlights included new “Green” vehicles from multiple manufacturers, including a slew from GM and the new Tesla Roadster.

Of course the long anticipated Nissan Skyline GTR was a hit as we got to poke around under the hood and sit in the drivers seat during the press days. The new BMW M3 V8 with a carbon fiber roof was a work of art. A blast from the past, Vector, displayed their new WX8 in stealth fighter flat black.

Another highlight came from Mitsubishi with the North American debut of the EVO X in fantastic Phantom Black. Showing their future colors was the mini SUV Concept cX clean diesel prototype. And of course the announcement of the Mitsubishi Motors racing program with WORKS at the helm competing in the 2008 SPEED World Challenge Touring Car series. (Youtube link to WORKS announcement)

Speaking of racing, the newly crowned Pikes Peak champion, the XL7 Monster, was humbly sitting in the Suzuki booth.

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Unveiling of the Evolution X

This years Los Angeles International Auto Show provided the first production glimpse of the Evolution X.  Having been unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show a few months prior so we had all seen the pictures on the Internet, but it was still a thrill to see it in person.  WORKS is looking forward to the new model and will have more news in our next newsletter.

Unveiling of the WORKS Speed World Challenge Lancer

One of the highlights of the Auto Show for WORKS was the unveiling of the Speed World Challenge effort in partnership with Mitsubishi Motors North America.  This historic occasion marks the reintroduction to American roadracing for Mitsubishi.  We look forward to a great season and a long-term relationship with MMNA for the future.

Around The Shop

Ford GT

One of our friends at Ford brought over a Ford GT to place on our alignment rack.

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August Sale helps WORKS attain a record Month.

In the midst of our move to Infineon Raceway we decided it would be a good idea to clear out some space by having an Inventory Reduction sale. it seemed like perfect time, and frankly saved us all the back ache of moving all of our parts up to the track. Thanks to all of our loyal customers for helping to make the sale a huge success. Despite a big lull in the automotive industry we manage to move out a large portion of our inventory making August one of our best months ever! Thanks again to all of our customers who have supported us during our transition to the track, we appreciate your loyalty.

New Products

WORKS SS Brake Line Kit  380.402

Believe it or not, stopping fast makes you quicker. Ask any track veteran and they will tell you that upgrading your brakes is equally if not more important than adding more power if you want to bring down your lap times. In our continuing effort to improve the EVO’s braking system we have developed our new SS Brake Line Kit. Each of the four SS lines is made of a Teflon tube with a protective coating and a braided stainless steel exterior to reinforce the line. When compared with a stock rubber line the WORKS SS lines provide superior brake pedal feel, improved resistance to heat and chemicals, and increased durability. These lines have been tested and scrutinized to meet tough DOT standards and are a direct bolt-on replacement for the OEM units.  Click HERE for item listing in the WORKS webstore.


WORKS SS Clutch Line Kit  165.501

The stock rubber clutch line on a Mitsubishi Evolution will expand and stretch, especially under increased temperatures, leading to a mushy feeling clutch pedal. The WORKS SS clutch line directly addresses this weakness by replacing the old rubber unit with new Teflon hose with braided steel reinforcement. The end result is a firmer clutch pedal, and a much stronger line that will last the life of the car. Each of our SS Clutch lines is pressure tested to 4000 psi and is DOT approved.  Click HERE for item listing in the WORKS webstore.

WORKS “Logo” Grab Shift Knob  410.100

Our classic WORKS Grab shift knob has received a styling update. The Grab shift knob still retains its classic dimensions 50mm/2" and 173gr/6.1oz, but it has been restyled with a handsome WORKS logo laser engraved on the top. The CNC machined billet knob has been bead blasted to prevent the heat buildup that is common with aluminum shift knobs and comes in great looking anodized gray finish.  Click HERE for item listing in the WORKS webstore.


WORKS Shifter Bushings  421.200/202

Made from medical grade urethane our WORKS Shifter bushings are an excellent way to firm up your EVOs shifting without sacrificing transmission longevity. The urethane used in our shifter bushings is soft enough to cushion any shock from shifting, but firm enough to provide a precise feel. In addition each bushing features a corrosion resistant metal insert to positively locate the bushing and prevent premature wear. Available for both 5 speed and 6 speed applications the WORKS Shifter bushings are a great way to improve the feel of a stock transmission.  Click HERE for item listing in the WORKS webstore.

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The MoTeC MDC replaces the Mitsubishi factory ACD ECU and is used to adjust torque split between the front and rear differentials by controlling fluid pressure to the center differential. The MDC regulates this pressure to provide 0% to 100% lock to the center differential, which varies the torque difference between front and rear before the center differential will slip.

The MDC can be used to adjust several aspects of vehicle handling. For example increasing lock during braking can improve braking stability on loose surfaces. Reducing lock can improve turn in, while increasing lock can promote understeer on both corner entry and exit. Naturally the MDC can also influence traction.  The MoTeC MDC is suitable for EVO 7, 8 and 9s fitted with the ACD system from the factory.

WORKS is extremely impressed with the system having been utilized during the Import Tuner 5-lap attack.  We can provide a WORKS road racing map preloaded upon request. Rally maps are coming early 2008.  Click HERE for item listing in the WORKS webstore.


WORKS Exhale AB Exhaust - 2008 Lancer

Constructed of 100% stainless steel with a polished “WORKS” logo tip the Exhale Axle Back (AB) exhaust is the perfect way to give your Lancer a little extra grunt. The high quality Exhale AB is designed to match the contour of the rear bumper and bolts directly up to the factory mid-pipe using the OEM hangers. With the Lancer Exhale AB you can expect a 5-7 horsepower increase and a great mellow tone that won’t attract unwanted attention, but will still growl in the top end. Click HERE for item listing in the WORKS webstore.

  • 100% stainless steel construction

  • Polished tip with "WORKS" logo

  • Shaped tip to match contour of rear bumper

  • Direct bolt-on to mid pipe and utilizes factory hangers

  • Saves Weight

  • Provides 5-7HP increase

  • Nice mellow tone that doesn't attract unwanted attention and opens up with a growl under full throttle


WORKS Adjustable Swaybar - 2008 Lancer

While a stock Lancer is a good handling machine, it tends to under-steer a lot with the factory setup. To address this issue and further tighten up the suspension WORKS developed an adjustable rear sway bar for newest Lancer offering. Directly derived from our own 2008 SPEED World Challenge Lancer the 22mm rear bar is two way adjustable, bolts to the factory mounts and comes complete with urethane bushings to reduce suspension slop. The one-piece forged bar is heat treated for even rates and powder coated to give it a durable finish. Integrated with the WORKS Ride springs in the SS-1 package, this bar will balance your Lancer’s handling and greatly reduce body roll in corners. Click HERE for item listing in the WORKS webstore.

  • 22mm dia.

  • Two way adjustable

  • Bolts directly to factory mounts

  • Integrated with WORKS Ride springs (SS-1 package) to provide stable, neutral handling

  • Derived from the 2008 SPEED World Challenge Lancer


WORKS High Flow Air Filter - 2008 Lancer

Better air flow means more power. Cleaner air means increased engine longevity. Now you can have the best of both worlds with the WORKS High-flow Drop-in Air Filter for the Lancer. This direct drop-in replacement for the factory filter flows twice as much as the stock filter giving gains of up to 6 horsepower. Constructed of multilayer cotton fabric with stainless steel mesh reinforcement this unit will filter particles down to several microns. Pick up one of our cleaning kits for this reusable filter and this might be the last air filter you will have to buy for your Lancer.  Click HERE for item listing in the WORKS webstore.

  • Direct drop-in replacement for the factory filter

  • Flows twice as much as the stock filter

  • Multi layer 100% cotton fabric (not uneven gauze) that filters particles down to several microns

  • Stainless steel mesh reinforcement (not mild steel or aluminum) 

  • Reusable with WORKS cleaning/oiling kit

  • Durable metal and urethane construction

  • Provides 4-6HP increase

Racing News

WORKS Motorsports EVO VIII RS Wins Debut

On November 6th WORKS Motorsports won the prestigious 5-Lap EVO vs. STi Tuner Shootout sponsored by Import Tuner and Hankook at Buttonwillow Raceway Park. The event included six Mitsubishi Evolutions and six Subaru Imprezas competing in both Time Attack (fastest single lap) and cumulative (5-lap total) around the famed Buttonwillow race track.

Facing stiff competition, the factory WORKS driver (David Brown) used consistency and smoothness to take the overall victory. “The WORKS street-prepared Time Attack EVO was setup aggressively for the Time Attack portion with the power and overall consistency of the package allowing us to come out on top this afternoon for the 5-lap shootout,” stated Mr. Brown. WORKS utilized a mid-level boost tune to provide just enough power to satisfy the quest for speed versus reliability. Changing temperatures and track conditions required constant adjustments to the chassis, which allowed the WORKS EVO to make the most of its Hankook-supplied racing tires.

Unfortunately, after 32,000+ street and heavy track miles (including four events in as many weeks), the original transmission lost reverse and the ability to shift into 4th gear. We had to pack it up, head home and missed out on the Super Street Time Attack.

At the end of the week, we had the transmission back in the car and rain in the forecast for the weekend’s Redline Super Lap Battle at Laguna Seca. David Brown was anxious to get on course in the wet with the full-tread Toyo R888 tires and we were hoping to try out some new ACD settings.

WORKS would like to thank Redline for sponsoring the events; Laguna Seca Raceway for hosting; Ball Mitsubishi and Tuning Technologies for lending a hand in the time of need; and the entire WORKS Team, family and friends for their effort and support.

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HKS and AMS EVOs at Buttonwillow

One of the highlights of the Super Street Time Attack at Buttonwillow was the HKS Time Attack EVO from Japan.  Seeing this EVO in person after reading about it in magazines and online, playing with it in Forza 2, was an amazing experience.  The workmanship and technology were interesting to "investigate".  The HKS guys were great to talk to and even allowed us to take a closer look.


Click on Images to Enlarge

Having the AMS EVO out from Illinois shows that Time Attack Events are gaining momentum.  It was great to see our friends at AMS during the event.


Redline Time Attack Final - Laguna Seca

Competition driving can sometimes test every aspect of not only your car, but your mental resolve.  After getting back from Buttonwillow earlier in the week with a failed transmission, our start of the Redline Time Attack weekend did not go according to plan. 

Due to other projects, we were unable to participate in Friday and Saturday practice and arrived Sunday with little-to-no sleep. Overnight tuning had gone well, but we had a mechanical setback rear its ugly head after the car had been driven down to the track and replacement parts were three hours north. An early morning scramble with several phone calls resulted in the parts being acquired and delivered to the track crew. The on-site staff worked feverishly to get the car back up and running by mid afternoon.

The sun was out and the air was crisp. The WORKS EVO RS was putting the power down with times that would give us a second winner’s trophy in less than a week. It’s said that bad things occur in “threes” and it turned out to be the case with us. The sound meter at the track was triggered and we were over by 1 dB, which means our lap times were null and void. Our only solution to the sound restriction resulted in diminished track times.

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Speed World Challenge Lancer - Touring

November provided the opportunity for Mitsubishi Motors North America and WORKS to publically unveil the Speed World Challenge Lancer for the Touring division for the 2008 season.  The chassis is nearing completion utilizing several "EVO" parts and some custom parts.  There are several key items that we can not yet discuss since the car is still being homologated for the SCCA.

We are always looking for strategic sponsors and partners, so if you have any ideas and/or contacts that want to share in our exciting 2008 season, please let us know.  We have seveal compelling marketing programs still available for the season.  Please contact Oliver Simons at

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Targa New Foundland 2007 - Peter Guagenti

Above all else, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution was built for stage rallying, and so it was with this heritage in mind that the WORKS/Evolved Performance Evo took on the week-long Targa Newfoundland rally in early September. Billed as one of the last great motorsports adventures, the Targa is a tarmac rally held on the city streets, back roads, and coastal highways of the island of Newfoundland, Canada. The event draws close to 100 competitors – factory-entered and grassroots teams, amateur and pro alike – to take on over 600km of competitive stage driving spread out over 5 days of rough, tough competition. Akin to WRC rallies, these are real cars on real roads with real hazards.

Piloted by Peter Guagenti of Benicia, California and navigated by Scott Smith of San Francisco, the WORKS Lancer Evolution IX RS was an early favorite for a class win and a top 10 showing. Both are Targa regulars – Peter competed 3 times as a navigator, including one overall win in 2003, and Scott competed twice as a driver – but were new to their jobs in the car for '07. The '06 RS-spec Evo was built conservatively in order to give it the best chance at lasting the week, showcasing the best WORKS has to offer in engine tuning and competition suspension.

Once the event got underway, the WORKS/Evolved Performance Evo proved its speed. Our RS was the 3rd fastest car on the road, just behind a factory-built Subaru STi and a similarly-prepared WRX running in the higher Open class, and ranked as high as 2nd in class and in the top 10 in Modern. Unfortunately, the abuse of the event found a common weak point in the Evo, and a clutch failure knocked the car from contention on Day 4.

The team has learned from its entry in Targa Newfoundland 2007 and plans to return in 2008. More power, less weight, better braking, and a rules change allowing multi-disc clutches should bring the team closer to their goal of a class win.

For more information on Targa Newfoundland, visit Targa Newfoundland

Photos Courtesy of Darlington Mediaworks

More information can be found here:

SpeedTV Article 1 -

SpeedTV Article 2

More information can also be found at Peter's website, located here:  Evolved Performance


WORKS/Team Go Green at SCCA Runoffs

For the third year in a row, Michael Santos qualified his 2005 Mitsubishi Evolution MR for the SCCA National Championships Runoffs in Touring 2 (T2). For the third time he has finished in the top ten--progressing further and further up the charts each time. Two out of these three years he's won the Sunoco Hard Charger Award for advancing the greatest number of positions during the race. Mike finished 7th out of a field of 27 and was not only the highest placed EVO, but also out-paced all other AWD competitors including last year's Subaru STi
Championship car.  WORKS congratulates Mike and all of Team Go Green for a job well done! We look forward to seeing what takes place in 2008 and beyond.


Formula Rally X - Season Final - Tam Su

It has been a wonderful inaugural year for Formula RallyX and Laughlin was the perfect cap off. The final event of the year saw dramatic changes to the standings with heated competition throughout the 2 days. The new and exciting dueling format had 2 cars running against each other at the drop of the green flag.

After 11 events in 2007, FRX will take a short winter break and return for an even more exciting new season with multi-regional competition and a revamped points system. Please check back often for next year's schedule.

To check the final standings, click HERE

Photos Courtesy of Troy Lindstrom

WORKS International - Boosted Performance

While WORKS is a household name here in North America, we are proud to announce that we have taken root on other continents as well. Thanks to our wonderful new South African dealer, Boosted Performance, WORKS has burst onto the African continent with force. Based in Johannesburg, Boosted Performance helped to keep the WORKS Motorsports legacy alive by taking two WORKS EVOs (an VIII and a IX) to the Ultimate Street Car Challenge in South Africa and putting on an amazing display. Wrapped in sharp offsetting WORKS graphics Michael Maine and his father (who piloted the WORKS EVO VIII) managed to place 12th and 13th respectively for the entire event which was a mixture of road course, gymkhana and straight-line speed trials. With South Africa’s reputation as a sports car haven, we are extremely happy to have Boosted Performance on board and we look forward to getting more updates from the other side of the world.

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Turner Motorsport BMW

Matt Bell just finished his first season of BMW club racing behind the wheel of the Turner Motorsports BMW. Matt had a magnificent season with numerous top-five finishes and despite his youth he is proving to be a top-notch racer. This is what he had to say about his experience this year:

I just finished up my first season with BMW Club Racing and learned a lot with the help from all the CCA guys as well as WORKS. The WORKS crew did an outstanding alignment at the beginning of the season and it held up throughout! I have never been happier with the overall setup of a car than I have with this one. Their insight even followed me to the track in a couple instances to help me on the fly! We did some engine testing on their dyno after about the first 1/3 of the season and found that the motor was on its way out. The handling was the only reason the car finished in the top 5 constantly AND the car still performed for the remainder of the races flawlessly with only drive train issues to hold us up. The lowest finishing place we had was 7th at the first race and it was my own driving error that brought me back to 17th at the race midpoint. I would have had a competitive points total but unfortunately we were unable to make it to the Texas national race and were disqualified from the standings. In all, the WORKS crew only touched the car once at the start of the year, and that's all it needed, even with a couple ROUGH off track excursions! They were precise in their work and knowledgeable in their advice.

- Matt Bell


Photos Courtesy of Bluemilk

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Photos Courtesy of
Matt Bell

Sports Compact Car - gMasters

In the last newsletter, we hinted upon a then secret track event that included the WORKS TIme Attack EVO as a participant.  This event included 23 interesting cars showing their handling traits on a skidpad and on the Willow Springs road course.  We used Toyo R888 (street tires) with new AME Tracer wheels at the event.

It was fantastic to see Keke Rosberg's old Williams F1 car running laps with us on the road course.

We would like to thank Matt Bell for bringing along his vicious Noble M12 to the event as well.  Matt had a great time showing off for the cameras by getting the Noble as sideways as possible all afternoon.  We were also thankful for the rides in this great car.


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Speed World Challenge - Touring - Laguna Seca

Thanks to Cadillac, the WORKS crew enjoyed a great weekend at Laguna Seca for the ALMS and Speed World Challenge finals for both the GT and Touring divisions.  Most of us were there to analyze things for preparation for next year and it was great to meet many of the teams and the SCCA officials.

Many questions that we have centered around suspension setup for Laguna with these cars.  Granted no team would ever provide an answer so we took the next best thing and took strategic pictures to gauge their setup based on entry, apex and exit of corners around Laguna.  Of note, Turns 3 and 4 are probably the best corners to judge since they are predominately flat.

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Fun at WORK(S)

24 Hours of LeMons

On the weekend of July 7th WORKS dragged one of our newest creations, the Mitsubeasty, to the 24 Hours of LeMons at Altamont Motorsports Park in Tracy, CA. For those who haven't yet heard, this is one of the best racing events around.

It is a two day endurance event for cars costing $500 or less including purchase price and prep work. There are a ton of heaps on the track (around 90 this year) which makes for some amazing carnage, and what ultimately sounds like a 24 hour long car accident. But there is a ton of action before the racing even starts. As the organizer put it, "But before reaching the grid, you'll have to survive trials like the Personal-Injury-Lawyer Anti-Slalom, the Marxist-Valet Parking Challenge, and the Wide Open Throttle Rodthrowapalooza". Twelve hours into the race, the car voted People’s Choice is called in and awarded a cash prize; simultaneously, the car voted People’s Curse is called in and summarily destroyed. At the end of 24 hours, a gala awards ceremony plies the survivors with trophies, plaques, and four-figure purses in canvas bags full of nickels. What's not to like?"

Our entry this year was a Mitsubishi Mirage covered entirely in a thick coat of 70s shag furry carpet. Despite a relatively stock motor, stock suspension and a power sapping automatic transmission, the Mitsubeasty performed flawlessly. After ticking away lap after lap with some good drivers behind the wheel, the WORKS Mitsubeasty managed to place a very respectable 15th out of a field of nearly 90 vehicles. Look for us again at the race next year, same furry car same furry drivers.


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Motoring J Style

On July 28th WORKS took part in one of the most unique automotive events of the year, Motoring J Style at the Solano County Fairgrounds. While the summer is always jam packed with muscle car, import car and vintage European car shows, David Swig’s Motoring J Style is a fresh idea in the car show scene. With a focus on Japanese cars ranging from the 1950’s to the modern day Motoring J Style is a lifestyle show that blends aspects of a classic Concorso with a motorsports competition.

With over 200 cars on display and a great drift competition the event was a big success. WORKS was happy to join in the fun with our own booth and gave the crowd something to ooh and aah over when professional rally driver Lauchlin O’Sullivan took our time attack EVO out for a Rally-X demonstration in the dirt. A big thanks to David Swigg and company for putting on such a wonderful event.

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GPS Data Acquisition and Photography

GPS Data Acquisition - Analysis of a Corner - Slower in equals Faster out

The use of GPS data acquisition allows the driver (or team) to fully analyze what the car and driver are doing around the race track.  Probably the most important piece of knowledge is finding the fastest way around a corner.  In our example below, it proves that slowing down can make you faster. 

WORKS has been using the RacePak GX2 with great success over the last 2 years.  In fact, we can contribute one Time Attack victory to the use of the system.  There comes a point in becoming a better driver where consistency is paramount, however, the changing of laptimes by a few tenths of second can't be felt by most of us.  On a personal note, when I think I have driven a fast lap, it usually is the opposite and that the sections where I think I am slow end up being some of the fastest.

Often, trying to maximize entry speed into a corner will result in a slower exit speed which will translate to slower straight line speed and typically an overall slower lap time.  As one understands the total level of grip and the amount of throttle that it takes to slide the car, an optimized entry speed can be found to maximize exit speeds.

The following is an analysis of Sunset Corner at Buttonwillow running counter-clockwise.

Please Click Image to Enlarge                                                                                                       Please Click Image to Enlarge


Graphical Analysis of Sunset Corner with speed and relative car position


In the example above, the total time gained by the end of the acceleration run before braking for the "Sweeper" turn is 0.238 seconds, or roughly 3 car lengths.  Terminal speed was up 3.2mph at the end of the esses before getting on the brakes.  This kind of gain from one section of a track is huge in the quest of improving your laptimes.

Another interesting tool that GPS data acquisition provides is the ability to take your best sector times (14 sectors for Laguna Seca) and build a "theoretical best lap".  This piece of data is essential for making you look at these sectors to figure out how to get closer to the theoretical limit.  As you bring down your laptimes, so does the theoretical best lap.  The real success is getting the difference to be as small as possible.  There is a huge difference in driving a lap that is within 2 seconds of your theoretical versus being .3 tenths of a second off the pace.


Motorsports Photography

Over the years, we have been asked questions concerning our photography work.  Here is a quick discussion concerning the difficulties of getting decent pictures of fast cars at the race track.

Motorsports photography is a game of patience and post processing work, at least for me.  Having to swap lenses several times to get the desired shots allow foreign particles to get inside the camera.  The use of panning, slow shutter speed and large aperture, provides a black spot for every foreign particle in the camera.  Please see the examples below.


In order to provide a sense of movement, panning is required.  Also a shutter speed of 1/60 of second or slower and/or shallow depth of field is required to actively blur the background.  This requires great hand/eye coordination or in my case, a great deal of practice.  Before the introduction of digital cameras, the use of film made testing this technique financially difficult.  On average, with film, I would get 1 out of 20 pictures to a point where I was happy with it.  Today, my ratio has improved slightly, but at least now I can hit delete.

Panning also requires use of the "autowinder" function of your camera.  Most SLR's these days provide at least 2 to 5 frames per second, which is what you will want to use in all your panning shots.

There are several things that one can do to practice panning.  The easiest is to take photographs of cars on a road or highway.  Birds make an interesting subject as well, but are ultimately much harder than shots of cars.  Minimizing the vertical movement of the shot is what you after with motorsports photography.  Practice using shutter speeds of 1/60 of a second down to 1/20 of a second.  The chances of getting a usable picture with a slower shutter speeds is highly unlikely.

Dust Particles:

One of the drawbacks of using long shutter speeds is the use of high apertures.  Using a Canon 100-400mm lens (under sunlight) needs about F26 to F32 to take a decent exposure with my Canon 20D at 1/60 of a second.  As stated, this allows any dust in the camera and lens to show up as dots in the picture.  The newer digital cameras now come with auto-cleaning sensors, which will reduce this problem a great deal.

Here are two examples from the Redline Time Attack Final at Laguna Seca.  Be sure to click on the images for a closer look:

Original                                                                                            Fixed
EXIF Data - 1/45 of a second at F29 - ISO 100 - 180mm Focal Length
Click on Images to Enlarge

EXIF Data - 1/60 of a second at F32 - ISO 100 - 105mm Focal Length
Click on Images to Enlarge

WORKS Afterhours

WORKS in Forza 2

Over the last several months, Forza2 has become one of the most talked about driving games on the market.  Last issue we showed you the WORKS Time Attack EVO as represented in the game.  This time we have Kirk's 2005 Evolution VIII RS as part of the garage.  Here are the corresponding specifications of the two cars in the game.

Kirk's RS - Street Class WORKS Time Attack EVO
Class A800 Class U999
HP 396 @ 7,000rpm HP 695 @ 8,000rpm
Torque 369 @ 4,600rpm Torque 552 @ 5,400rpm
Weight 2,998lbs Weight 2,335lbs
0-60 3.724 0-60 2.559
0-100 9.808 0-100 5.376
Top Speed 165.3mph Top Speed 196.4mph
60mph Skidpad 1.03g 60mph Skidpad 1.18g
Laguna Seca Laptime 1:31.263 Laguna Seca Laptime 1:20.673


Click on Images to Enlarge

Future Newsletter

As the new year approaches, we look forward to many things for 2008.  The new EVO X, Speed World Challenge, Ralliart Lancer, events at Infineon Raceway among a new season of Track Days.  We look forward to the challenges and opportunities that are ahead of us.  We welcome our existing customers and new customers to share in our experience with web updates, quarterly newsletter and more efforts towards rich media content in the coming months.

In our next installment, we will cover the following topics:

  • Evolution X - Road Test and Review

  • Evolution X - Developing Products

  • Speed World Challenge Touring - Developments for the start of the season

WORKS Holiday Specials

‘Tis The Season…

It’s that time of year again, and we at WORKS are in the giving mood. So for the entire month of December we are offering 10% off all in-stock WORKS brand products, including the famed WORKS/Ohlins packages. We will also throw in free standard ground shipping on orders above $50.- to sweeten the deal.

For the locals, we are also extending this sale to include 10% off of labor.

All WORKS in-stock parts for the 2006+ Eclipse and 2004+ Galant are 20% off.

Please mention the winter newsletter to receive your discount.

In the spirit of giving, please let us know if you need a gift certificate.  You can find them HERE

Please Note:  Specials can not be used in conjunction with other sales or promotions and do not apply to WORKS Gift Certificates. Please give us a call if you have any questions or comments concerning these specials.

5-Year Anniversary

That’s right.  We’re celebrating a birthday here at WORKS.  It’s our own!  As the first EVO tuner in the US, it seems like such a short time ago we were still anticipating the arrival of the EVO VIII to the US.  Here we are five years later and eagerly awaiting the release of another EVO platform.  Taking a look back, it’s amazing what we’ve been through and what we have been able to accomplish thus far.  We’re looking forward to another five years and more…

Anniversary Special:  5% off items not discounted with the above 10% Holiday Special (In-stock non-WORKS items, etc…)

Event Calendar

12/01-02/2007 NASA - Thunderhill 25hr
12/01-02/2007 SpeedTrialUSA - Streets of Willows
12/07-09/2007 SpeedVentures - Streets of Willows
12/07-08/2007 SpeedVentures - California Speedway
12/08-09/2007 Infineon - Bentley Motors
12/10-11/2007 Infineon - Dominic Dobson Vintage Car
12/21/2007 Thunderhill Drift - Thunderhill
01/06/2008 Nor Cal EVO Club - Thunderhill
01/19-20/2008 NASA - Laguna Seca
01/26-27/2008 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona
02/09-10/2008 NASA - Infineon Raceway
02/09/2008 NASCAR - Budweiser Shootout - Daytona
02/17/2008 NASCAR - Daytona 500
02/23/2008 World Superbike - Qatar
02/28/2008 TrackMasters - Laguna Seca
03/08-09/2008 NASA - Thunderhill
03/08/2008 AMA Superbike - Daytona
03/09/2008 MotoGP - Qatar
03/13/2008 Open Test - Race Cars Only - Thunderhill
03/15/2008 ALMS - 12 Hours of Sebring
03/16/2008 F1 - Australia
03/21/2008 Lotus Club - Thunderhill
03/29/2008 IRL - Homestead-Miami Indy 300

Hope you enjoyed the update, stay tuned for more from WORKS!



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