WORKS Spring / Summer Newsletter 2007

It has been awhile since the last WORKS Newsletter came out but you can be assured that we are hard at work. Since the Winter we have been busy moving into our new locations, developing new products, supporting our sponsored racers and of course tuning cars. Thanks for your patients during the last few hectic months and we look forward to giving you updates on a more regular basis.

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Home Sweet Home: Infineon Raceway and San Rafael


In our ongoing effort to expand and provide better services, WORKS has opened a new location in San Rafael, conveniently located next to San Rafael Mitsubishi. The new 5000sqft facility has a full shop including a four wheel dynomometer and laser alignment rack and will serve as our main hub for tuning. Working in conjunction with San Rafael Mitsubishi, WORKS can now offer customers regular service and warranty work (from the folks next door) as well as dyno tuning, laser alignment and installation of any of our products. This makes it much easier on customers who want to combine their cars regularly scheduled service with a performance upgrade from WORKS. In addition to our mechanical facility the San Rafael location has a spacious showroom for our retail products and great customer lounge where you can kick back and watch racing or read through the latest issue of your favorite car magazine. There is always something interesting going on here so we welcome everyone to stop by and say hello.


For those of you who are anxious for our shop at Infineon Raceway, there is some good news. The lights are on the lifts are working and we have begun working on cars up there. With construction nearing completion we expect to have a grand opening at our Infineon location later this summer. The trackside facility will be our Engineering and Design center and with the testing facility in our front yard we hope to speed up the R&D process bringing new products to market with increased speed. We also hope to offer test and tune days in the future giving customers the opportunity to join our staff on the track for product evaluation and tuning. Keep your eyes on our website for more details on the grand opening of our Infineon location.





Contact Information


San Rafael Location

811 East Francisco Blvd
San Rafael, CA  94901

P - 415-226-2500
F - 415-226-2501

Infineon Raceway Location (Sears Point)

29673 Arnold Drive - Building L1-B
Sonoma, CA  95476

P - 415-226-2500
F - 415-226-2501


Benefits of Being at Infineon Raceway


The WORKS Crew had the privilege of being at Infineon Raceway during the Ferrari Challenge Event in April.  Outside of seeing the fourteen Ferrari FXX machines (Racing Enzo's), we were also able to get close and personal with the five Formula One machines that were available for select Ferrari customers.  Ferrari brought an entire contingent of Italian crew members to service the race cars for track use.  We were even able to see some of the engine telemetry systems being used for the start-up procedure for a modern Formula One car.  Amazing technology that is on the forefront of anything automotive.  Enjoy the pictures:






To see the entire gallery, click here:  Ferrari Challenge 2007 - Infineon


Around The Shop




Last month WORKS at San Rafael played host to a top secret Tesla prototype. The all-electric sports car was brought up to our dyno facility to do some testing on the Dynapack Dyno. Because the Tesla’s electric motor is nearly silent when operating, most of the noise comes from the drivetrain. We were all impressed when the Tesla stealthly rolled into the garage, but it was even more impressive to see the machine on the dyno, where it produced a nearly flat torque curve and made very little noise.  Given the proprietary nature of this project, we do not have data on the pulls, so don't e-mail us for that information!




55 Chevy


One of the local High Schools in Marin had a special project installed in a beautifully restored 1955 Chevy.  We don't have the particulars on the project, but it was interesting to see an old-school muscle car on the Dyno.



Turner Motorsport BMW - SpeedWorld Challenge Touring


One of our customers has the Championship winning Turner SpeedWorld Challenge Touring BMW, which we placed on the Dyno for some base runs.  WORKS also provides suspension tuning for this very capable race car that is being exercised on the track on a monthly basis.  You will find this race car at most tracks around California.




New Products


WORKS Evo Carpet Mats


If you have an Evo then you know that the OEM floor mats leave a lot to be desired. Fortunately we have just introduced a new line of carpeted floor mats specifically tailored to the EVO.  Using a 2 ply nylon yarn with a woven polypropylene backing and a water resistant latex coating these floor mats will hold up great to the rigors of daily use. Both stylish and durable our signature floor mats feature a 5/16" pile height with an embroidered WORKS logo and are just the ticket to clean up the interior of your car. A full line including floor mats and trunk mats is available.  Link to Product in Online Store (Interior Mats)   Link to Product in Online Store (Trunk Mat)





Endless RF-650 Brake Fluid


Whether on the track or on the street keeping a firm brake pedal is crucial for both performance and safety. WORKS is now carrying one of the top performing brake fluids in the world, Endless RF-650. Used in Formula 1, WRC, Paris Dakar and Porsche GT3 Cup the RF-650 is a high performing fluid designed especially for the rigors of endurance driving. The Endless fluid has a dry boiling point of 323°C and a wet boiling point of 218°C. Its extreme stability at high temperatures makes the RF-650 fluid suitable for almost any type of competition. This is a must have for racers.



WORKS WRP Urethane Suspension Bushings


Our WORKS Racing Program (WRP) is now offering a full line of urethane suspension bushings for the Mitsubishi Evo. When compared to the stock rubber pieces our urethane bushings are firmer, have increased durability and are more resistant to fatigue from chemicals, heat and abrasions. Installing these bushings will firm up the ride significantly and provide the driver with better feedback and more predictable handling. These bushings are only recommended for serious driving enthusiasts who are willing to accept a slightly harsher ride in order to gain a more responsive feel.  Link to Product in Online Store


WORKS Blue Brake Pads, Front and Rear (Street)


Choosing the correct brake pad material is essential for good stopping performance. For street driven cars an OEM type pad may work fine, but once a car ventures out onto the track stock pads become obsolete.  WORKS has developed a brake pad specifically designed for someone who is going to drive their car on the street but also wants to take it to the track. The more aggressive compound will grip better under high temperatures, but unlike a pure racing compound the WORKS Blue pads still provide plenty of stopping power at colder temperatures. The other benefit of the WORKS Blue brake pads is that they will not quickly destroy the stock rotors as many more aggressive pads will. If you are planning the occasional track day, or are a track novice and want a great setup for both road and track, the WORKS Blue brake pads are for you.  Link to Product in Online Store




WORKS Orange Brake Pads, Front and Rear (Race)


WORKS is proud to announce a new addition to our line up of brake pads. Designed for the track enthusiast our new Orange Brake Pads are a true race compound that is similar to the Hawk DTC-90 pad. Suitable for both our 1 and 2 piece rotors the WORKS Orange Pads are made to withstand the rigors of the track and deliver maximum performance every time out. A step up from our WORKS Blue compound these pads are a must for die hard racers but will work well even if you are only running the occasional track day.  Link to Product in Online Store


WORKS Carbon Fiber Gauge Cluster Surround


If you want the interior of your Mitsubishi EVO to stand apart from the crowd be sure to take a look at our new Carbon Fiber Gauge Cluster Surround. Modeled after the EVO MR gauge cluster, this surround is made of real Carbon Fiber not cheap imitation material. With a precision fit this Carbon Fiber Gauge Cluster surround will give your dash board a sporty high-end feel. This setup will bolt into any EVO and makes a great upgrade for EVOs that came from the factory without the MR gauge cluster. (Note: gauges are not included).

WORKS High Pressure Aperture Throttle Shaft Seals


As EVO's are starting to age, we are noticing that throttle bodies are beginning to leak at the shaft seal.  The shaft seals on a stock throttle body can only withstand a limited amount of pressure. Even other aftermarket seals are only rated for 7 psi. If you plan on tuning your EVO and running higher boost, these seals can give way leading to more expensive problems. Thankfully WORKS has addressed this issue by developing special high pressure shaft seals for our Aperture throttle bodies. These seals are rated to 25 psi.  Well above the factory/other aftermarket 7psi mark and are a must if you plan on running a big turbo or cranking up the boost on a stock turbo.  These selas are available as a 2-pack kit.  This is enough to do one throttle body including 1st and 2nd generation DSM's.  Link to Product in Online Store


WORKS TR-340 Badge


If you have our TR-340 Power Package installed on your EVO, you can now let everyone know what you are packing. No cheesy stickers here, our new TR-340 badges are oem quality pieces that look as if they came from the factory. Similar to the kit's professionally engineered components, the TR-340 badge will give your EVO a unique high-end tuner look.  Available in chrome and black.



WORKS Polyurethane Shifter Bushings - Coming Soon


Stock Mitsubishi rubber shift bushings give an imprecise and sloppy feel when shifting. Some aftermarket vendors have addressed this problem by replacing these bushings with solid metal pieces. However the solid metal bushings have no give and can cause increased stresses in the transmission. WORKS has come up with a nice compromise. By using specially designed polyurethane bushings with metal inserts the shift feel will be much firmer than stock, but there will still be enough give in the bushings to prevent transmission damage. Polyurethane shifter bushings are available for both 5 and 6 speed EVO transmissions and 6 speed Eclipse transmissions.




WORKS is now an official distributor of MoTeC engine management products. MoTeC is an Australian company who is focused on building high quality engine management and data acquisition systems. With a large array of products ranging from overrun boost enhancement and boost control to traction control systems MoTeC is an industry leader in the market. We are proud to offer these top of the line products to our customers.




When you think racing seats one name jumps to mind, Recaro. With over 100 years of history Recaro has been a bench mark in the automotive industry when it comes to building performance seats. Still an industry leader today Recaro offers a massive array of seating options for all types of vehicles from bone stock to full race. WORKS is happy to announce that we are now an official Recaro dealer. As the driver you are one of the most crucial components of your vehicle’s performance. Now we can make sure that you perform to your highest level by offering you the best seats on the market.


Alcon Brake Kit - Front Set


WORKS and Stasis have established a relationship to bring high quality brake kits to market for the EVO.


"STaSIS Engineering has designed two new front brake kits for the EVO that allow the use of 17” wheels.  We now offer a 328mm (13.0”) and 340mm (13.4”) disc set-ups, both of which fit in the factory wheels (Enkei and BBS) that were offered on both the Evolution 8 and 9."

Rotor/Caliper weights:


OE BREMBO:                                   30.6 lb.

  • STaSIS/ALCON 328mm:         25.8 lb.

  • STaSIS/ALCON 340mm:         25.3 lb.

  • STaSIS/ALCON 355mm:         27.3 lb

  • STaSIS/ALCON 370mm:         30.0 lb 

Alcon Brake Kit - Rear Set - New:


STaSIS Engineering and Alcon have now completed the best performing brake kit for the Evolution with the introduction of the rear brake kit.

Kit features:

  • 4 Piston Alcon ‘p-type’ caliper

  • Retains use of factory E-brake (incorporated into the hat)

  • 330mm (13.1”) x 25mm Alcon directional vaned discs.

  • Goodridge SS lines/Motul fluid and SBS brake pads



2008 Lancer GTS


The word is spreading around quickly about what a great and affordable car the 2008 Lancer is. This newest generation is one of the best cars Mitsubishi has produced to date. What it lacks in power it makes up for in chassis stiffness, quality and refinement. With an affordable price tag and stand out styling Mitsubishi will no doubt move a lot of these off the show room floor. Our own Oliver Simons bit the bullet and picked up a brand new ’08 Lancer GTS this month. This car will serve as a test bed allowing us to do some research and development for this new Mitsubishi model.


In an effort to improve the already wonderful Lancer WORKS is currently creating a line of products to give it the extra edge in power, handling and visual appeal. With our prototype lowering springs already in production, we installed a set on our Lancer GTS.  WORKS is also developing a rear sway bar, cold air intake, ECU flash, muffler and interior appointments—like shift knobs and floor mats—for the 2008 Lancer. If you would like to be added to our Lancer product waiting list, give us a call or email us and we will notify you when these products are released.


Oliver’s Road Trip


After picking up a new white Lancer GTS, our own Oliver Simons quickly got to break it in by delivering a motor from our Infineon Raceway location all the way up to Edna, Washington.  Anyone who has driven to Washington knows that it is a long and grueling journey, but Oliver’s Lancer made short work of the miles. Loaded to the hilt with a long block Mitsubishi motor in the back the Lancer cruised comfortably up to Washington and back without missing a beat. Oliver even had time to shoot pictures of steam train that was taking its final voyage on its way to becoming part of a static display in Seattle.


Below is Oliver’s driving impressions of the ’08 Lancer GTS:


Having made this trip in our Time Attack EVO last year, it was great to be surrounded by air-conditioning and a killer stereo. The interior and chassis are a vast improvement over my ’03 EVO. Even with conservative all season tires, the handling is tight and controlled, made even better with our prototype WORKS lowering springs for the GTS. Given that the Lancer is about 250hp down on my retired ’03 EVO, forward progress is still acceptable, even though it doesn’t give you that giddy smile that only 400+ hp can provide. With that said the overall average speed for the trip was 71mph (including stops) for the 1580 mile journey. Fuel economy averaged 27.8 mpg, which is great considering the average speed. As a side note, the trip in the Time Attack EVO was done with an average speed of 64 mph and an average of 19.4 mpg on our conservative economy version of the P2R flash. The difference in comfort was like sitting on a bar stool or sitting on a couch for 24 hours straight! – Oliver Simons




Product development for the 2008 Lancer has begun.  We have several products in the queue, encompassing the suspension, exhaust, intake and ECU components.  The WORKS Ride Springs are available now for sale and the exhaust should be available by the July.  The development for the WORKS P series flash for the new Lancer has started as well.




Link to Webstore




Racing News


Peter Guagenti


This September Peter Guagenti will be heading north to the Canadian province of Newfoundland for the Targa Newfoundland rally. Targa Newfoundland is a 6-day long tarmac rally run through the streets of Newfoundland, Canada with many closed off “targa” sections where competitors are allowed to go all out.  Guagenti is a seasoned veteran of this event with previous experience as the navigator for the overall winning team in 2003 and playing navigator twice more in the next two years for other teams. However, this year marks the first time he will be competing in the Targa as a driver.


Guagenti, alongside co-driver Scott Smith, will be piloting the WORKS / Evolved Performance Mitsubishi Evolution IX RS in the hotly contested Targa class. With race car prep currently taking place at our WORKS facilities we plan on giving Peter a car that is perfectly dialed and tuned to give him the best shot at victory in Newfoundland. Peter’s goal is to become the first person to take home a Targa plate as both driver and co-driver.


Pictures provided by Peter Guagenti




More information can be found at his website, located here:  Evolved Performance


David Bongiovanni


On the road racing front David Bongiovanni has been more than holding his own with the WORKS/K&N/Goodsport Racing Evo. In the NASA Performance Touring A and Performance Touring B series the Evo has been dominating with six wins in eight races. This outstanding performance has given the team the championship lead in both series.


Bongiovanni’s team is also competing in NASA’s Time Trial A series where they are leading with five victories in eight attempts. Team 3S/Goodsport is maintaining third position in Time Trial B while waiting on a rebuilt Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4. Our own Pete Kang is handling the final tuning duties and team hopes the care will be extremely competitive once it is complete.


Pictures provided by GoodSport Racing


For more information, check out the GoodSport Racing Website located here:


Matt Bell


Matt Bell’s rookie season competing in the Turner Motorsports BMW has been a bumpy one. But the young driver continues to show promise. Recently Matt headed up to Willow Springs Raceway to compete in a BMW CCA event. With the help of some chassis tuning here at WORKS, Matt was able to put up a decent performance:


May 5th marked the date of the second BMW CCA race of the 2007 season at Willow Springs Raceway. This was my second race ever, and my second time on the Big Willow track. After qualifying 3rd in class and 4th overall I snuck into the truck for a long nap. I woke to the bad news that one of the Yokohama slicks I had been practicing with had sidewall failure, and we had to switch back to the Toyo RA-1 street tires for the first race. With a huge tire disadvantage the only thing keeping me in front of the more powerful IP-class cars was my brilliant chassis tune that allowed me to hold onto a 3rd place finish. Sunday I made the decision to change the rear sway bar from “soft” to “medium” for the new slicks we had mounted. This was done on a half tank of gas and the car felt near perfect for the first race. With a 2nd place finish, we all had a big boost of confidence. The final race came up and we made the bad decision to fill the fuel tank completely. With the extra weight, the car was loose and twitchy. This got the best of me and I went sliding into the dirt on the beginning of the second lap, but I quickly recovered. I hopped back on track, and was now in 5th. I then made the rookie mistake of trying to catch back up, ruining my tires in the process.  I eventually got back to 3rd, but couldn’t hold it and finished 4th. It was an amazing race even with all my poor decisions and driving errors. I learned valuable lessons and pushed myself and my car to their limits. All the help from fellow racers and larger organizations like WORKS has made my freshman year in racing very easy, and more than anything, extremely fun! – Matt Bell



Photography by Dan Wu


Mike Santos


Congratulations to Team Go Green for qualifying for the SCCA runoffs in Topeka, Kansas later this year.  Mike Santos qualified 2nd in the Southern Pacific Division behind Dave Shotz, who is the front row qualifier at the runoffs for the past two years.


In total, Team Go Green ran five races with the new EVO IX motor.  They achieved two first place and three second place finishes while qualifying for the runoffs.  One of the victories was against a Vishnu flashed BMW 335, which we beat in the first race.  He admitted to not having anything for us, so he parked his BMW to race his Mini in another series (SSB), which he won.


Two of the second places were against Ken Dobson, who is a pro driver in a Nissan 350Z, but again we killed him on power.  Ken Dobson experience was too much for us, so after leading him for eight laps (in both races) he passed us for the win.  The other second place was against Dave Shotz, who has the fastest F-Body in the country for the T2 class.  He had more guts than I did on the big sweeper at Willow Springs, but we had him covered for the rest of the track.


Our next event is at the runoffs in Topeka, Kansas and we are looking forward to providing the cameras with more action than we did last year.  We had some of the most exposure of all entries in our class last year for SpeedTV, so we hope to capture their attention again.


Many thanks to WORKS for providing us with a perfectly tuned EVO that can hold its own with anything that the T2 class has to offer.



Tam Su

WORKS sponsored racer Tam Su has been laying down the law in Formula RallyX (rally cross). Running a Mitsubishi Evo IX in the Street modified 4wd class; Su is currently tied for the championship points lead in his class with 24 points. This is thanks in large part to a class victory at San Bernadino in early April. Su will continue to battle it out for SM4 bragging rights with several more events still left on the schedule. Formula Rally X will also be putting on demonstration runs at the massive Motoring J Style show on July 28th at the Sonoma County fairgrounds in Vallejo, CA.

Check out for a full race schedule and more details on Formula RallyX (FRX). Join FRX and WORKS at the upcoming Motoring J Style show.  For more information go to  We are also working on some big surprises for this event.  Think Rally legend!!!

Pictures by Curtis Himmelberg, Flickr - Click on Link for more photos in the series


Secret Projects


WORKS has been involved with several key projects that we would really like to share, but have been sworn to secrecy for now.  Hopefully, by the time the next newsletter hits your inbox, we can share what we have been up to.  In the meantime, we will provide these series of pictures to peak your interest.





More Coming Soon...


Fun Things and Future Newsletter


The introduction of Forza Motorsports 2 for the XBOX 360 has provided an avenue for some R&R playing with virtual EVO’s.  Below is the first iteration of the WORKS Time Attack Evo.  Seeing some of the other Tuner EVO’s online, the XBOX Live tournaments could be a good time.  Hopefully we can allow our customers to break track records in the near future.




The next Newsletter will share some interesting developments with our customers.  The following is a short list of items to be discussed in the next version of the WORKS Newsletter.

  • Racing News

  • Targa Newfoundland Information

  • New Product Development

  • Time Attack

  • Move into Sears Point



WORKS Specials


WORKS Exhale Cat-Back Exhaust


WORKS is offering a special on our EVO Cat-Back Exhaust systems to all our newsletter readers for the month of June. Until June 30th we are taking 15% off the list price of the Exhale Cat-Back Exhaust. WORKS Exhale brand exhaust components are high-quality pieces made of T-304 Stainless Steel, using jigs modeled after factory components to ensure a great fitment. Our Cat-Back Exhaust includes the Exhale 76mm resonated Intermediate Pipe (IP) and Axle Back Muffler (ABM), StealthWORKS ABM or our WRP Axle Back Exhaust. All our exhaust components include all of the necessary gaskets, heat resistant hardware and installation instructions. In addition they are covered by the WORKS’ factory matched 3/5-year Warranty. Get some added power and better sound from our premium exhaust components at a bargain price.


WORKS Blue Brake Pads, Front and Rear


To promote this new line of WORKS brake pads, we are offering 10% off the set for all orders received through June 30th, 2007.



WORKS Specials - Part Deux


**  Online Orders through the WORKS Website  **


All order received online will receive a 5% discount through June 30th, 2007.  Just specify the discount when placing your order.  Online orders also receive preferred shipping pricing as compared to placing the order over the phone.


**  Receive $50 to $100 Gift Certificate - Purchase a Car Through WORKS with San Rafael MItsubishi  **


In further developing our relationship with San Rafael Mitsubishi, we have established a car sales promotion that puts a Gift Certificate in your pocket.  This promotion is valid for any new Mitsubishi sold through the dealer, be it a 2008 Lancer, Outlander or the dozen plus 2007 EVO's on the lot.  Give WORKS a call to receive a business card for redemption at the dealer.  This is the only way to track potential sales.  We will honor the dicount for family and friends as well.



Please Note:  Specials can not be used in conjunction with other sales or promotions through WORKS, except for the Gift Certificate Promotion.  Please give us a call if you have any questions or comments concerning these specials.


Event Calendar


The summer of 2007 promises to include several action packed events, which include the annual Cypress Mitsubishi Owners Day (MOD) and the Motoring J Style with integrated Rally-X and Drift Competition.  Join the WORKS crew at both of these events.  (See flyers below)


There will also be a Mitsubishi follow-up meet at our new Authorized WORKS Dealer in Southern California at EDO Performance.  The event will start after MOD at around 4pm to 6pm on Saturday afternoon and will include a BBQ.  The address of EDO Performance is:


EDO Performance
16182 Gothard Street, Unit P
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
See you all there!





9. Slidewize Drifting @ Thunderhill

10. Slidewize Drifting @ Thunderhill

14. Thunderhill Driving School @ Thunderhill

22. NASCAR @ Infineon, Open Test Day @ Thunderhill

23. NASCAR @ Infineon, SCCA @ Thunderhill

24. NASCAR @ Infineon, SCCA @ Thunderhill

29. Testing @ Infineon, Hooked On Driving track day @ Thunderhill

30. Slidewize Drifting @ Thunderhill 




1. Slidewize Drifting @ Thunderhill

5. NCDA Drifting @ Thunderhill

10. Testing @ Infineon

11. Testing @ Infineon

13. Open Testing @ Thunderhill

14. Mitsubishi Owners Day (MOD) @ Mitsubishi Headquarters in Cypress CA, SCCA @ Thunderhill

14. MOD follow-up at EDO Performance for Mitsubishi Evolution Meet

15. SCCA @ Thunderhill

16. Testing @ Infineon

20. American Racing @ Thunderhill

21. Trackmasters @ Infineon, Slidewize Drifting @ Thunderhill

22. Slidewize Drifting @ Thunderhill

23. Testing @ Infineon

27. Hooked On Driving track day @ Thunderhill

28. Motoring J Style show @ Solano County fairgrounds in Vallejo, Hooked On Driving track day @ Thunderhill

29. Track Masters @ Thunderhill



3. NHRA Division 7 drag races @ Infineon

4. Slidewize Drifting @ Thunderhill

5. Slidewize Drifting @ Thunderhill

6. Jim Russell Racing School @ Infineon

7. Jim Russell Racing School @ Infineon

10. Track Masters @ Thunderhill

11. Russell Race Weekend @ Infineon, NASA @ Thunderhill

12. Russell Race Weekend @ Infineon, NASA @ Thunderhill

13. Jim Russell Racing School @ Infineon

14. Jim Russell Racing School @ Infineon

15. Jim Russell Racing School @ Infineon

17. TEAM Track Day @ Thunderhill

18. Slidewize Drifting @ Thunderhill

19. Slidewize Drifting and Driving School @ Thunderhill

24. Motorola Indy 300 @ Infineon, Open Testing @ Thunderhill

27. Jim Russell Racing School @ Infineon

28. Jim Russell Racing School @ Infineon

29. Jim Russell Racing School @ Infineon

31. SCCA @ Infineon, Hooked On Driving @ Thunderhill



Hope you enjoyed the update, stay tuned for more from WORKS!


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