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WORKS Motorsports
Sonoma Raceway
(Formerly Sears Point)
29673 Arnold Drive
Sonoma, CA 95476


What is WORKS?

Located at Sonoma Raceway in northern California, WORKS is an automotive engineering, tuning, and racing organization dedicated to enhancing modern sports cars through innovation and technology.

Our passion for vintage cars to modern motorsports includes road racing and rallying which was the inspiration for starting WORKS in 2002 when Mitsubishi Motors announced the Lancer Evolution was arriving in the U.S. In our small San Francisco warehouse, WORKS became the very first stateside EVO tuner when development began in November 2002 with an EVO VII GSR; four months before the EVO VIII debuted here. Since then, WORKS has gone on to provide engineering consultation for other manufacturers and develop products for other makes & models such as the first and only CARB compliant turbo kits for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

WORKS is comprised of a dedicated group of engineers and technicians with over 60 years of combined expertise in the automotive performance industry. In fact, we are only one of a few performance manufacturers in the U.S. with Engineers on staff. All of our attention and focus is loyal to just few brands with a common passion for cars.

WORKS Philosophy

When developing products, we spend countless hours on the road, on the dyno, on the racetrack (moved to Sonoma Raceway in 2007), in the dirt, and in the office ensuring that each and every product we offer performs up to our own rigorous expectations. We use all of the WORKS products we design on our own cars.

Which explains why WORKS' line of high performance products are designed 100% in-house. The first step in our Engineering process always takes into account the original OEM design. What was their goal, why did they do it and how did they execute? Can it be improved upon? OEMs like Mitsubishi have resources beyond any aftermarket tuner and our goal before improving any product is to understand the original first. OEM fitment and quality is rarely surpassed. Reverse engineering and re-engineering can only be accomplished by competent Engineers. Our motto is "OEM or better".

We design our products with state of the art technology like utilizing a $300,000 Cyrax laser scanner and will take the time to go through countless hours of analysis and testing until we find the results or achieve the goal we expect.

WORKS products produce documented power with our in-house Dynapack 4WD chassis dynamometer and create world-class handling vehicles with our in-house shock dynamometer and Hunter alignment rack.
We also utilize 3-D solid modeling CAD workstations and have automotive experience with thermodynamics, fluids, stress and Finite Element Analysis to engineer products quickly, accurately, and effectively.

WORKS' innovation is why we were the very first and only company to offer a flash for the factory ECU in the Spring of 2003 which is now copied by many in the industry. This is the backbone for our entire line of engine performance products. Whether fitting a free-flowing WORKS "Exhale" exhaust, "Aperture" port-matched throttle body, or "Power Cams", each product comes with its own ECU flash optimized to extract the maximum reliable performance from the modification. For customers buying multiple products or WORKS Performance Packages at once, the ECU flash is optimized for how the products work together.

WORKS is also unique in being the first company to offer a truly comprehensive line of products from the ground up, literally, to provide a balanced solution. Each product integrates with the other components offered in our product line whether you buy one WORKS performance part or the Performance Packages. We offer a complete line of products to enhance the overall balance which means you can come to WORKS to not only tune your engine for better performance, but also to enhance the suspension, chassis, and braking system. We don't just settle for making your vehicle accelerate faster but also make it corner harder and stop quicker without sacrificing drivability and reliability.


WORKS is conscientious about maintaining your factory warranty and being able to bring your car quickly and easily back to stock. Our products are undetectable and/or fully reversible while integrating with the factory design and mounting locations. For example, each piece in our modular "Exhale" exhaust series is a direct replacement of each of the factory exhaust components and can be swapped one-for-one for that trip back to the dealer or when you sell your car. More importantly WORKS offers an industry leading Factory-Matched Warranty, trusted by many Mitsubishi dealerships across the country. In fact, a Mitsubishi Motors designer at U.S. headquarters stated:

"...I just want to commend you on the quality of your parts. I don't have a whole heck of a lot on my car as I'm very picky and my budget is sometimes restrictive, but I really appreciate the attention to detail and quality of construction you put into your products. Just thought I'd share a quick word of thanks and feedback. There are a ton of choices in what I can install on my Evo, but I have the utmost confidence in WORKS parts. Thanks for producing excellent parts and service."

In summary:
  • WORKS engineers and manufactures performance products for specific niche brands with no dilution with "every" brand to remain focused and specialized
  • WORKS employs degreed Engineers with over 35 years of automotive tuning and racing experience
  • WORKS maintains OEM integrity with "enhancement without compromise" for maximum, reliable, long-term performance
  • WORKS enhances the powertrain, suspension, and braking to keep cars properly balanced
  • WORKS offers a Factory-Matched Warranty


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Sonoma Raceway L-1B
29673 Arnold Drive
Sonoma, CA 95476